Development Kits for Bio-module: M001A

A completed Bio-sensor project including software and hardware solutions, to make an all-in-one,including ECG, RESP, GSR ,HR, PPG, HCM, SPO2, BIA and Motion etc.

To provide system solutions and Turnkey projects, reducing customer development time and making an ideal option for health-monitoring, wearable devices.

The evaluation board includes a handheld cases with 4 electrodes, a motherboard with Bluetooth ble chipset, and a module pin-board; and software includes Bluetooth BLE firmware, desktop evaluation tool and mobile APP.

Evaluation board

As shown in the following figure, the evaluation board consists of cases, a Bluetooth motherboard, a pin-board (with bio-module), and a battery.



limb electrode

Two pairs of source/drive electrodes are attached to the cases of the evaluation board, which are mounted on two symmetrical left and right handles; As shown in the following side-view figure, they are used to measure body electrical and impedance activities.

PPG sensor

The Bio-module is on-board, the pulse wave (PPG) sensing section contains a pair of red/green/IR led and multi-wavelength photodiode(PD); As shown in the following figure, used for PPG-related applications.


Built-in 14 bits 3-axis Gsensor, range + 2G, + 4G, + 8g, + 16g;



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