Bio-M001A is a Bio-module in healthcare;The Bio-module measures and transfers various types of bio-data including ECG, RESP, GSR, HR, PPG, HCM and BIA etc, integrated Bio-Processor with Analog Front-End to make an all-in-one health monitoring solution.

The algorithm core runs in Bio-Processor,including SPO2,motion recognition,dynamic heart rate monitoring, trend analysis of blood pressure, Emotional and mental stress etc.


The Bio-module integrates red (660 nm), green (520 nm) and infrared (940 nm) three-color LED and photodiode(PD) sensor to realize PPG-related applications; and supports four electrodes to achieve applications with human electrical activities and impedance activities; on-module 14-bit three-axis Gsensor for motion/sleep applications.

The Bio-module hardware interface supports SPI/I2C/UART optional, FPC connector reference DF37NB-30DS-0.4V.


Single lead ECG :

  • 3 electrodes with right leg driver;
  • Lead-off detect;

    Bio-impedance with 4 electrodes:

  • Built-in DAC and multi-frequency waveform generator;
  • Support RESP,BIA and GSR etc;


  • on-module red (660 nm), green (520 nm) and infrared (940 nm) LED and PD;
  • Support HR,SPO2 and Bio-assay etc;

    Electrodes mean interface:

  • Support electrodes as input keypad;
  • Support pair of electrodes as data channel: eg,USB/UART etc;
  • Support pair of electrodes as power charger channel;


  • Built-in 14 bits 3-axis Gsensor, range + 2G, + 4G, + 8g, + 16g;
  • Pedometer,Action recognition;

Hardware interface:

Small size, suitable for wristband devices:

  • 22x26mm;


  1. Fitness,wristband devices;
  2. Healthcare devices;
  3. Mobile devices and robots etc;



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